My name is Pasquale, I was born in 1972 in Bern.


Between 2 and 23 years, I grew up in Galatina (LE, Italy), a city in middle of the Salento peninsula. My passion for music started practically immediately, asks my mother…


I started playing the harmonica when I was 7 years old. After about one year I took piano lessons for 4 years.


As a young person I discovered the fascination for tone carriers (at that time it was still cartridges and long playing records) and the other sex. But how to impresses the whole femaleness, if not with music? Because I am a rather practical person, I exchanged the piano for a guitar - which since then is one of my dearest companions on summer evenings and at romantic grill fires.


My passion for tone carriers increased with belly extent and body size and I became acquainted with some key persons from the radio scene at that time. The medium „music“ fascinated me more and more and I started a training to be an audio technician. As DJ I presented the most diverse music at that time: over Disco music, ' 60,' 70,' 80, Underground, RAP, Hip Hop, Pop music and House.


In 1995 I moved to Switzerland and in summer 2000 I discovered the fantastic world of Latin American Dances. My favourite one became Salsa.


I started taking lessons in Cuban Salsa. As soon as I started dancing I felt, this would be love on first step.


Soon I decided to visit Cuba and get to know the country and its culture. In Cuba I learned to appreciate the Afro-Cuban music, the Rumba and the Son Cubano. By then I had bought al sorts of different types of salsa CD’s and enjoyed listening to this fantastic music.


In 2000 I started to work as a DJ again and organized Salsa Parties on a regular basis.


I was eager to do my job as a DJ in a more professional way, so I started to look into the world of percussion instruments. Since then I play the clave, bell, maracas, guiro and logically also the tumbadora commonly called conga, regularly. This knowledge helps me to organize various dance events.


Finally I would like to a thank my special friend Marianna “Djane Chica del Sol” for her support. When I asked her in the beginning of my DJ-career, which name she would see for me, she said: “You have a strong presence, work with fiery passion and are full of devotion for everything you do. For you there is no other name than „DJ Volcano. “ Grazie Mari…


My maxim: Discover your passion for dancing - my music will accompany you


Que Viva la Salsa


Dj Volcano